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another new shamania track, db00215 was created on the evening of 22nd december 2010, with some reshaping and remixing on 30th december 2010.


edit, 25th october 2012: this track was cut from the final track listing of shamania. it remains unreleased.

logos free track of the week # 2 

we've uploaded another free logos track for you to download, an alternate version of hollow hills of london. this version completely restructures the track and massively truncates the eight minute introduction to the original.


download it here -


we've decided we're going to keep previous free tracks of the week up for a little longer (the original plan was that as soon as we uploaded a new track we'd take the last one down) to enable…

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on 4th december 2010 logos' darren francis had a tattoo done based upon/inspired by the logos avatar beastie. herewith a photo:-


yes, the tee-shirt is a bit of shameless advertising for another band (the rather wonderful she wants revenge) but we like the tattoo so much we can forgive df that.

[ + / - ] / Hypoboy 

another new shamania track, created on the evenings of 30th november and 2nd december*. we think shamania is shaping up to be our favourite logos album.


track artwork by debb rooken-smith.


we're still finalising the ascending a line in the sky to sothis mix, and hope to have that completed and released in the new year.


edit, 25th october 2012: this track was re-named hypoboy for the final shamania mix.


* although this track appears in the shamania track listing we gave in an earlier post, at that…

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here is the love that lists where it will 

herewith, the current track listings for our shamania and everything we ever were albums. we are working on both concurrently. whichever gets finished first will be released first.


why do we post this? post details of works still in progress, still mutable? partly to give you an insight into the process, partly to record for ourselves. snapshot of a procedure. you won't recognise the names of some of these tracks because we've not finished them.



01. anodyne

02. [ / ]

03. db00215

04. [ - / + ]

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[ # ] (shamania) 

another shamania track. at this rate, shamania may end up being finished before everything we ever were. we jump between the two projects, as and where we are taken. our intuitions lead; we follow.


this re-works the main elements of our track lie to me into a new and rather different beast. as such now consider lie to me extinct. it works much better in its new context, we feel. but then we would say that. the more we shape shamania, the better it slots in. the more we shape everything we ever were, the…

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more shamania, created on the evenings of 23rd and 24th november 2010.


this track recycles many elements of the porpoise principle - as such, consider that track now scrapped. it was something of an orphan anyway, created for ascending a line in the sky to sothis but we could never find a satisfactory way to slot it into the track listing for that album and it's been adrift since then. no matter; a home has been found here.


edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania

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fire in the mind 

we mentioned in an earlier post (on 28th september) that we'd renamed the track fire in the mind (to the looming tower) because we wanted to use that name for another track we had planned.


that track - the new fire in the mind - is now done, finished late into last night, and is set for our fourth album shamania.


creating new tracks with more than one project in mind, switching between them as we go, isn't new for us. ascending a line in the sky for sothis was all created at the same time as we were…

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the owls are not what they seem 

although this is an old track, for some reason we've never put details of it on this blog - likely because we worked on it on and off over quite a long period - so thought we would rectify that.


it was one of our earlier tracks; in fact it's based on the backing track used for darren francis' podcast binary (which pre-dates logos), featuring df reading his short story of the same name. we re-worked it into this much longer and more elaborate piece in mid-may (we don't have a note of the dates, but…

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[ - ] / bipolar binary 

further shamania. is this even music? who knows? it tickles the parts of our neural networks that need to be tickled right now. *


to do our usual butterfly-pinning: first draft 11th november 2010, take we're for now content with 19th november 2010, some noodling between, additional noodling due.


track artwork by debb rooken-smith.


edit 28th november 2010: 'additional noodling' done today.


edit, 25th october 2012: this was re-named bipolar binary for the final shamania track listing.


* for those…

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