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herewith, the current track listings for our shamania and everything we ever were albums. we are working on both concurrently. whichever gets finished first will be released first.


why do we post this? post details of works still in progress, still mutable? partly to give you an insight into the process, partly to record for ourselves. snapshot of a procedure. you won't recognise the names of some of these tracks because we've not finished them.



01. anodyne

02. [ / ]

03. db00215

04. [ - / + ]

05. fire in the mind

06. [ - ]

07. anhedoniac

08 [ + ]

09. [ # ]

10. hypoboy

11. hypogirl

12. shamania

13. bipolar binary

due to the duration of some of these tracks, this will be - at least - a double cd-length album.


everything we ever were

01. the side effects of october

02. desert star 1

03. he knows the use of ashes

04. deepblue2519

05. dreamer

06. lend you

07. crepuscular

08. friends

09. thursday to wednesday [into the void]

10. be with me

11. sunday to tuesday [no one calls]

12. everybody goes

13. tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise]


update, 16th february 2013: this didn't go to plan, in the end, for numerous reasons; we scrapped everything we ever were, although three tracks did appear on the final version of shamania. what happened? we'll post a feature on the site at some point in the future exploring this, and letting you know what happened to the remainder of the tracks. we're still very fond of everything we ever were as an album title, though, and may well confuse matters even further by using it for a future album totally unrelated to this one.


note also that although the track listing for shamania above superficially resembles the final album, a number of the tracks were re-named - for example [ + / - ] became hypoboy, the track here named hypoboy was finished but never used, [ - ] became bipolar binary, the track here named hypogirl was renamed shamania, the track here named shamania was barely a sketch that was never finished, ditto for the track here named bipolar binary etc - so don't take the order above as an indication of anything.

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