fire in the mind

we mentioned in an earlier post (on 28th september) that we'd renamed the track fire in the mind (to the looming tower) because we wanted to use that name for another track we had planned.


that track - the new fire in the mind - is now done, finished late into last night, and is set for our fourth album shamania.


creating new tracks with more than one project in mind, switching between them as we go, isn't new for us. ascending a line in the sky for sothis was all created at the same time as we were working on gehenna now, as were a number of other tracks which we don't have a home for yet. it's just the way we do things. the shamania and everything we ever were tracks are very different in style and what we work on depends which way our mood takes us on a particular evening.


edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album. it remains unreleased.

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