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gehenna then 

since we set up this site, we've planned track-by-track breakdowns of our albums, with our thoughts and comments. herewith the first, a look back at our debut album gehenna now, released back in october 2010.


hollow hills of london

this track was created on the evening of 23rd april 2010, and was one of the first ever logos tracks. it's also still one of our favourites. we've mentioned before on our blog that the name logos had been used by darren francis for previous musical projects; in particular an…

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everybody gets elves remix 

our track everybody gets elves, from our first album gehenna now, has been remixed by our good friend jason oliver. we very much like this new version, which retains the spirit of the original while at the same time sounding nothing like it.


jason's name may be familiar to some of you; he created the original images which became the cover art for gehenna now and our avatar beast. we hope to work further with him on logos projects in the future. 


deep time 

another new logos track, created late march 2013, and destined for an as-yet-unspecified future album. we anticipate that a version will be available for free download before too long; we'll let you know the details anon.

sacredly silver and equally gold 

we're very pleased to announce the release of the album sacredly silver and equally gold. subtitled a sidereal tribute to coil, this is a three cd, 47 track compilation featuring tracks and artists inspired by coil. here you'll also find a version of the logos track sidereal, from our third album shamania.


the tracks featured here range from coil covers to coil remixes to original music (logos' contribution being in the latter category). herewith the full list of artists appearing on this release (in…

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logos news update march 2013 

 welcome to the latest logos news update.


we've been busy of late finalisng the logos website, which we're happy to say is now online at, so hop over and have a look. further content will follow in the comng weeks and months.


we're also very happy to announce the release of the album sacredly silver and equally gold, a three-disc, 47-track compilation album featuring music inspired by the band coil. here you'll find a version of our track sidereal, from our third album shamania

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the new logos blog 

we've now completed the mammoth task of migrating all the posts from our previous blogspot blog to this current one. this took a lot longer than we expected - there were 114 posts to transfer, which we did one at a time, though at least the exercise gave us the opportunity to tidy things up and, where appropriate, add comments and updates. we don't necessarily expect people to trawl through the whole thing in one sitting - though by all means knock yourself out if you want to - but it's invaluable to us…

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crepuscular is our most recent track, finalised on 10th february 2013.


the bulk of this track was done back in october 2012, that version in turn being based on a very early (circa may 2010) 'sketch' mix we found on our hard drive while searching for a sample we wanted to use on a santa susana blues track. we'd forgotten it existed until we stumbled across it.


please note that crepuscular bears no relation to the (unfinished) track of the same name we've mentioned previously in this blog, which was…

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