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future ghosts

spoken word album by darren francis, with music entirely by logos, released 23 july 2015. all music taken from the shmania sessions, including finished tracks, out-takes, and demos. details below; or see the dedicated page on the darren francis website for a more extensive look at this album. download / listen here.


01. the side-effects of october (02.12)

02. 4581 asclepius (02.27)

03. wake up bad guy (01.27)

04. the puppet has no master (03.17)

05. 1995 [the empire never ended] (01.42)

06. the movements of all mankind (03.15)

07. dreamers with folded wings (03.47)

08. at the speed of film (02.18)

09. her is all (02.35)

10. cygnusolar (02.41)

11. black stars will have their season (02.35)

12. where we circle (02.30)

13. k & i [panthalassa shoreline] (03.17)

14. her constellation (03.35)


the side-effects of october incorporates elements of the shamania tracks anodyne and bipolar binary.

4581 Asclepius incorporates elements of the unreleased track anhedoniac.

wake up bad guy incorporates elements of the shamania track deepblue2519 and the unreleased track [ # ].

the puppet has no master incorporates elements of the shamania track bipolar binary.

1995 [the empire never ended] incorporates elements of the shamania track hypogirl and the unreleased track deep time.

the movements of all mankind incorporates elements of the everything under the sky track bipolar binary [solstice prologue] and the unreleased track friends.

dreamers with folded wings incorporates elements of the shamania track tesseract and the unreleased track sunday to tuesday [no one calls].

at the speed of film incorporates elements of the unreleased track [ / ].

her is all incorporates elements of the unreleased tracks dreamer and [ + ].

cygnusolar incorporates elements of the unreleased track db00215.

black stars will have their season incorporates elements of the shamania track hypoboy and the unreleased track fire in the mind.

where we circle incorporates elements of the shamania track unified field object.

k & i [panthalassa shoreline] incorporates elements of the shamania tracks sidereal and shamania.

her constellation incorporates elements of an unfinished and untitled track.



full experience

full experience is the first release by net label this is not records. released on 6 january 2015, it features the logos track everybody gets elves, together with tracks by the psychedelic raidersatom made earththe finer points of sadismdogma: nauseainstagronebbflo,kreamy 'lectric santa, and mark irrlicht.

the album is free to download here. find out more about it here.



sacredly silver and equally gold

subtitled 'a sidereal tribute to coil', this is a three CD, 47 track compilation album released in february 2013, featuring tracks and artists inspired by coil. here you'll find a different mix of the track sidereal from our third album shamania. full details of all the artists and tracks can be found here. serendipitously, the album's sutitle had already been decided upon before we submitted our track named sidereal for possible inclusion.... we had originally planned to submit another track entirely as an exclusive to this release - and not one you've heard before, entitled the bones go last - but we were unable to get a mix we were happy with in time for the submission deadline. that track will surface at one point or another, in the future, as and when we can get it to sound how it sounds in our heads.

please note that this release is limited to 300 copies, so if you want one you'd best get it quickly - you can order it from the elseproduct site here. there may or may not also be a digital release; we're not sure yet.



logos free track of the week

an ever-evolving release wherein we present logos tracks for free download. it may be an already released track, or it may be a new or unreleased track, or an alternate version. note that when we update with new tracks previous tracks will come down, so if you want them get them sooner rather than later. herewith, a list of all free tracks of the week* so far: everybody gets elves (version), hollow hills of london (version), canticle, manunkind, gehenna now (version), volo ergo sum (version), to please the moon, do you love (version), sun king (version), the looming tower, do you love? (23 second mix), hypogirl, anhedoniac, the looming tower (sick sick sixties mix), deepblue2519.

please note that this album is presently off-line; we're working on a series of more focussed 'odds and ends' logos collections that will feature these tracks amongst others.

* in much the same way that - we're told - logos' music seems to distort perceptions of space and time, the term 'week' here should not be taken as referring to seven consecutive periods of 24 hours.



23 seconds ov time

released october 2010. features one logos track, a 23 second version of do you love?, the full version of which appears on our ascending a line in the sky to sothis. please note that this isn't merely an edit; we restructured the whole thing, drawing in what we felt the most pertinent threads, into a unique new mix. bearing in mind that most logos tracks at the time were ten or more minutes in length, and the original do you love? was over nine, creating this track was an interesting challenge. you can download the album for free, or purchase on cd (if there are any left - the cd edition was limited to 123 copies) - here. it also includes 36 tracks by other artists. the remit of the album was that all tracks had to be exactly 23 seconds in length.