crepuscular is our most recent track, finalised on 10th february 2013.


the bulk of this track was done back in october 2012, that version in turn being based on a very early (circa may 2010) 'sketch' mix we found on our hard drive while searching for a sample we wanted to use on a santa susana blues track. we'd forgotten it existed until we stumbled across it.


please note that crepuscular bears no relation to the (unfinished) track of the same name we've mentioned previously in this blog, which was scheduled for our (also unfinished and now scrapped) album everything we ever were. the only thing the two tracks have in common is the title.


we already have our next, post-santa susana blues album in mind, which will be something of a departure for logos in some respects, and crepuscular is currently scheduled to appear there.

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