everything under the sky [diary # 4]

regular readers of our blog will know that we've been putting together an album of very different mixes of logos tracks, titled everything under the sky, and that we've also been working on the mix of our fourth album proper, santa susana blues


the release of everything under the sky has been temporarily held up while we wait for a mix to come in. in the meantime, santa susana blues is almost finished and we'll be letting you hear it shortly. for this reason, we've decided to put back the release of everything under the sky until after santa susana blues. in the process of finalising santa susana blues, we've completely rebuilt some of the tracks, and want to include some of the earlier and radically different mixes on everything under the sky. what this means is that, although you'll have to wait a bit longer for it, you'll be getting a more complete - in that it spans four albums rather than three - version of everything under the sky, with more tracks but released on the same 'free or pay what you want' basis. which is better for you, and better for us.


we'll post a further blog anon, with full details of santa susana blues, its final track listing, and release date. 

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