the owls are not what they seem

although this is an old track, for some reason we've never put details of it on this blog - likely because we worked on it on and off over quite a long period - so thought we would rectify that.


it was one of our earlier tracks; in fact it's based on the backing track used for darren francis' podcast binary (which pre-dates logos), featuring df reading his short story of the same name. we re-worked it into this much longer and more elaborate piece in mid-may (we don't have a note of the dates, but remember it was at the same time as we were working on conduit closing and unified field object, both of which this track share a sibling relationship with). we went back to it several times after that; the most recent mp3 of it we have - which would have been the day we last worked on it - is dated 29th july 2010.

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