more shamania, created on the evenings of 23rd and 24th november 2010.


this track recycles many elements of the porpoise principle - as such, consider that track now scrapped. it was something of an orphan anyway, created for ascending a line in the sky to sothis but we could never find a satisfactory way to slot it into the track listing for that album and it's been adrift since then. no matter; a home has been found here.


edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album though we did put a version of it out as a free track of the week.

edit, 16th february 2013: of course, we did eventually put a version of the porpoise principle back onto ascending a line in the sky to sothis, although it bore very little relation (aside from a single sample) to the original.

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