logos one year on

it's hard to believe that it's a year since we started logos. it all began in april 2010 during the sessions for darren francis' spoken word album hate ashbury*, the follow-up to his god thing project. things took a different - and very unexpected - turn, and before we knew it we'd already created the first tenatative logos tracks. at that time logos was named sick sick sixties, which we still think a good band-name though too much of a hangover from hate ashbury **, but logos - a name df had used for audio projects in the past - worked better for the music we wanted to make. the first logos track - gehenna now - was completed on 18th and 19th april 2010, with canticle, hollow hills of london, and everybody gets elves following before the end of the month.


we've come a long way since then. we've released our first album gehenna now, finished our second album ascending a line in the sky to sothis which will be releasing soon, got very excited about our third album shamania, and along the way also managed to record another 20-odd tracks which will be finding their way out in one form or another. how to celebrate? let me count the ways. let's start with another logos free track of the week, our second album ascending a line in the sky to sothis, a logos q&a*** to give you an insight into our morbid practices, and some entirely new music. after that? let's see.


* = which - as a consequence of logos - was never finished, but df istill hopes to do so at some point.

** = this will make more sense when df puts out hate ashbury, which will be coming this year. 'fucked up industrial hippy music' was the remit.

*** = we never did finish this in the end, but intend to do so now that ths website is up and runnng.

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