logos nexus

the next logos album will be released on 21 march. free to download and titled nexus, it collects tracks from our previous albums and is intended as an introduction to logos for the uninitiated. it'll also be ever-evolving; we'll periodically update the track content in future, as and when we release new albums.


here's the current listing: 

01: everybody gets elves

02: santa susana blues

03: shamania [solstice prologue]

04: to please the moon

05: hungry knife

06: hypogirl

07: do you love? 

08: gehenna now [2015]

09: hollow hills of london


this was a very difficult listing to compile, since some of our favourite logos tracks are rather long and we'd set a fixed running time for the album (80 minutes, enough to burn to a single cd). hopefully it'll encourage listeners to delve further into our back catalogue; there's about eight hours of music there in all. 


we'll post a further update, as soon as the album is available. 

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