nexus update

after much anguish and consideration we've slightly altered the track listing of our forthcoming 'sampler' collection album, nexus, as follows:-


01: everybody gets elves (from gehenna now)

02: do you love? (from ascending a line in the sky to sothis)

03: hypogirl (from shamania)

04: santa susana blues (from santa susana blues)

05: shamania [solstice prologue] (from everything under the sky)

06: dark skies now (from chasing a thread that has no end)

07: ii [local void] (from at the core of each star)


rather than the scattered selection we'd originally chosen and which you can see in our last post, we thought it more appropriate to ensure we include a track from every logos album. we've released six albums so far, quite disparate in style, and totalling almost eight hours of music. hopefully the nexus tracks will encourage the listener to delve further into the logos cannon; it is after all primarily intended as a 'sampler' and introduction to logos for those unfamiliar with what we do. by way of a bonus for those who already have the original albums, we've also included a track from our forthcoming 'fifth logos album proper' (discounting everything under the sky and chasing a thread that has no end), titled at the core of each star, which will be released later this year. 


release date for nexus is 21 march 2016. it will be free to download.

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