something witchy

another track we'd consider pretty much complete and destined for our fourth album. you can hear a preliminary mix below:



the devil's business

another track for our as-yet-untitled fourth album, created in one sitting on 30th july 2012.


note that although we've created quite a bit of new music recently, we've not listed everything track by track as we do it - as…


the last door

another new track, destined for our fourth album.


where are you?

another of our unofficial remixes. this is pretty faithful to the original, perhaps because it's one of our absolute favourite coil tracks and we were wary of ruining it. that said, there is an awful lot of subtle messing-with throughout…


come to now

a new track, created 9th june 2012, for an as-yet-untitled future album.


the shamania mix is almost done, and has taken far longer than we were expecting. we'll have more news on that album anon.


mu-ur mothership

another of our unofficial, 'for the fun of it' coil mixes, this blends elements of the tracks the mothership and the fatherland and mu-ur from coil's 1999 album astral disaster. we always thought mothership... worked best as an…



we've created another 'for the fun of it' coil remix.


this one combines elements of the two different coil tracks, who'll fall? and is suicide a solution? (together with another coil track as coda), along with quite a bit of…


uncertain remixes

we've created two remixes of the track the village at rest by uncertain, which you can hear on our soundcloud page.


we've termed the first the solar mix. the second, the lunar mix, is a much more minimal…


first dark ride

we've been having all sorts of problems with making music over the last couple of months, and figured playing around with other people's tracks might be a good way of easing ourselves back in.


herewith a 'just for fun' reworking…


logos free track of the week # 14

our latest free track of the week is an alternate mix of the track the looming tower. we mentioned this one a while back and here it finally is. download here.


logos on soundcloud

although we set up a logos profile on soundcloud a year or so back, we've done very little with it. we've now massively revised our soundcloud profile to include both our gehenna now and ascending a line in the sky