towers of dub (open fire)

a just for the fun of it mix, this combines elements of three different versions of the orb's towers of dub with some choice words from uncle bill and all manner of customary logos mixing and meddling.

this was…


santa susana blues album update

we've now finished a rough preliminary mix of our fourth album. this music has come together very quickly, all of it created between late june and late august 2012. the album title is santa susana blues. herewith the current…



another new track for our forthcoming fourth album, coyotenoia was finalised on 31st august out of disparate elements created through july and august 2012.


23 years in the tombs you made

a further track we've just finished today, and destined for our fourth album. as we've noted elsewhere, these posts noting when new tracks are completed are as much for our own benefit as anybody else's, so we can look back…


hungry knife

another new track for our fourth album.


santa susana blues

a track for our forthcoming fourth album, finalised today though we've created several drafts and permutations of it since july.


infinite soul

another new track for our untitled fourth album.


shamania album update

our third album shamania is now finally, finally ready and will release very soon. herewith the track listing:


01. anodyne (18.51)

02. deepblue2519 (3.44)

03. unified field object (15.00)

04. [+/-] (13.33)

05. hypogirl (5.45)

06. [-] (30.44)

07. shamania


hallways of always

another track for our as-yet-untitled fourth album. this is based on a sound sketch we did back in june, but this version was finalised on 9th august 2012.


the fourth logos album

regular blog readers will be aware that we've been busy creating new music for our fourth album. the construction process for this one is slightly different to our previous three albums, in that we're working on multiple tracks simultaneously, shaping…