where are you?

another of our unofficial remixes. this is pretty faithful to the original, perhaps because it's one of our absolute favourite coil tracks and we were wary of ruining it. that said, there is an awful lot of subtle messing-with throughout, and two other coil tracks mixed in.


out of all the remixes we've done so far, this one - along with mu-ur mothership - are our favourites. we should also add that we've done a number of others, and by varied artists, that we've not unveiled to the public yet. we will in the future, though, as and when the stars feel right.


please note that this is not in any way an 'official' mix or endorsed by coil or their affiliates/trustees. please also note that we do not claim or pretend to have any ownership of this track or its copyright. we have created this track purely for our own entertainment and share it freely. please go to coil's website at www.thresholdhouse.com to download their music.

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