those three bones

our latest track is now available to listen to on our myspace and reverbnation pages.

this track was recorded over the evenings of 6th and 7th may 2010, with some slight re-structuring on 8th may.

we have several other half-finished…


enoch's ladder

we've uploaded a new track, enoch's ladder, to our myspace page. we've not put this on the reverbnation page as due to its length we'd have had to render it at an unsatisfactorily low bit-rate (reverbnation allows…


everybody gets elves

a new logos track available to hear online. everybody gets elves was created on 24th april 2010, with some minor re-working on 25th april 2010.

hear it at our myspace page or at our reverbnation page.

yes, but what…



logos in its current incarnation was founded in aylesbury, bucks, april 2010, though the name has been used by darren francis for musical projects for some years.

we have recorded three tracks so far: gehenna now (18th-19th april), canticle (21st-22nd…