to please the moon

another new track, and already one of our personal favourites. this was created more or less in its entirety on 15th july 2010, with some very minor tweaking on 16th july 2010. we'll put it online anon; it's very late…


album plans

herewith the provisional track listing for the first logos album:*


1. those three bones 2. canticle 3. heaven can wait 4. gehenna now 5. volo ergo sum 6. manunkind 7. ice age

we intend to start re-working and finalising these…

sun king

we've just finished a new track, named sun king. we started this one last night - 17th june 2010 - and have worked on it further tonight, 18th june 2010. we'll upload a version and/or edit of it in…


ice age

another new track, completed 15th june 2010, though we've not put this one online yet.


addendum, february 2013: we've gone back to this track a few times, as we've never been able to get the mix to sound quite how…

sothis rising

another new track, this was done on 5th june 2010 with some (very) minor tinkering on 12th june 2010. we've just uploaded it to reverbnation if you want to listen.


edit, 14th may 2011: the version on ascending a

the opening of the mouth

we've just uploaded another track, the opening of the mouth. the bulk of this piece was done on 8th june 2010, with some minor tinkering on 11th june 2010.

you can hear this track on our myspace page; we're…


heaven can wait

we've just uploaded a new track, heaven can wait, which you can hear at our myspace, reverbnation and facebook pages (see previous post for links to save us having to repeat them all here).

this track was begun…



we've just uploaded a new track, manunkind.

this track was recorded over the evenings of 1st, 3rd and 4th june, and features text by e e cummings ('pity this busy monster, manunkind'), our favourite cummings poem.

hear it at…


volo ergo sum

we've uploaded a new track, volo ergo sum, to our reverbnation, facebook and myspace pages.

this track was recorded on 21st may 2010, with some additional work on 22nd may 2010. the voice is taken from this youtube…

conduit closing / tectonic states

we've uploaded two new tracks to our myspace page.

conduit closing was begun on 28th april 2010, with the finishing touches being done on 13th may 2010.

further explanation of this track's title can be found within this crop circle…


unified field object

another new track. again, we've uploaded this one to myspace but not to reverbnation due to its length.

the bulk of this track was done on the evening of 8th may 2010, with some re-sculpting on 10th may 2010.