sunday to tuesday [no one calls]

this new track was created on 15th october 2010, though in a sense it isn't new. it's a re-structured, re-worked and re-titled version of the track mutable, which was created on 27th july and 13th august. the track mutable



we've just completed a new track, dreamer. we've worked on this track on and off over the last few days or so, with the bulk of the work on 11th and 12th october.


we've also finished mixing the gehenna


gehenna now update

we've now finalised (honestly, this time....) the track listing for our gehenna now album, as follows:


1. hollow hills of london

2. everybody gets elves

3. tectonic states

4. those three bones

5. heaven can wait

6. gehenna now


the porpoise principle

new track. we did the first version of this back on 12th september 2010, and have re-crafted it tonight.


what is 'the porpoise principle' exactly, you may be wondering? wait and see once we stick the track online (as we…


the looming tower

another new track. the looming tower was begun 25th september 2010, and re-worked on 27th september 2010. listening to it now, it may well get a final tweak in the next day or two; we'll see. knowing us, we'll end…


hey jim

our first new track in what seems a while to us (although we see - looking back here - that it's been just over two weeks), hey jim was created on the evenings of 19th and 20th september 2010, with…

news update / gehenna now

a great deal has happened on planet logos since our last update. we're finalising the track listing for our first album  titled gehenna now - and re-working those chosen tracks. it's currently (1) hollow hills of london, (2) everybody


another new track, which slipped out of its own accord in amongst our reworking of tracks for our debut album. sidereal is another 'drone'-style piece, in a similar vein to anodyne. first draft 18th august 2010, revision 4th september…



new track. first draft done on 27th july 2010, finalised on 13th august 2010. another anodyne / inkling-style 'drone' track.


those curious about our musical sources may be interested to know that this entire track is derived from a…

do you love?

new track, started on 4th august 2010 and finished on 6th august 2010.


you see how this two dates per track' thing works now? (the emotional and spiritual and whajamacallit essence - if you will - captured on one night…



created on 26th july 2010 and 30th july 2010. this is another long 'drone' track in a similar style to anodyne (which you can now hear on our myspace page).


update, 4th november 2010: please note that this track no…


another weekend, another new track. first draft july 15th, finalised - this draft at least - july 22nd.


know that the music we've made in july this year, the names we've given those tracks, and the dates on which we…