not me / he knows the use of ashes

two new tracks, not me and he knows the use of ashes.


both feature voice, both clock in at less than three minutes, and one (not me) even features some percussion! fear not, a return to our…

ascending a line in the sky to sothis

herewith, as promised, details of our second album ascending a line in the sky to sothis, which will hopefully release in the next few months once we've finished the mix. to the right of this text you'll see the…


[ / ]

a new track, [ / ] (yes, that is what it's called...)* was created on the day and evening of 7th november 2010. what does it portend? who's to tell?


we do admit that this is rather an odd track…



we like to plan ahead. even before gehenna now was released, we already had our next two albums worked out, with a third in draft. we'll post more news on album two shortly. it's all done save that a few…


lie to me

another new track (we've said that phrase so often, we need to think up some more creative ways of expressing it...), created on 3rd november 2010 from elements of another (unfinished and discarded) track we were tinkering with on 29th…


thursday to wednesday [into the void]

this 'new' track was created on 3rd november 2010. we say 'new' because it's a re-structured, re-worked, and re-titled version of the track inkling, created at the end of july 2010. inking no longer exists as such (although we…


tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise]

tesseract (deepblue2519 reprise) is a new track, though sibling to our earlier track deepblue2519 which we still love for its absurdity and for the absurdity of its creation. we did the first run-through of this on 30th october 2010, and…

desert star 1 (hypogirl)

another new track, desert star 1 was created on 29th october 2010. you can hear it at our myspace music player.


track artwork by debb rooken-smith.


now that myspace allows a maximum of 25 tracks on their music players…

23 seconds ov time

we're very pleased to announce that we have a track on the forthcoming compilation album 23 seconds ov time. full details here:


the track is a 23 second (yes, you did read that correctly) version of do you


we finished mixing the gehenna now album two weeks back and we're currently finalising the artwork. release date is 31st october 2010. an apt date? of course.


we've done a new track tonight, deepblue2519. odd but interesting, we like…