tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise]

tesseract (deepblue2519 reprise) is a new track, though sibling to our earlier track deepblue2519 which we still love for its absurdity and for the absurdity of its creation. we did the first run-through of this on 30th october 2010, and finalised it today, 3rd november 2010. 30th october was of course the night we were getting the gehenna now album ready for release (and will now admit, though we said the mix had been finished a few weeks prior, that we did remix those three bones * about 30 minutes before gehenna now went on sale. ahh the luxury/allowed indulgence of digital releases!). no matter now, gehenna now is past, and all else is future.


* what did we remix? there was a particular transition point midway through the track which we were happy with but never that happy with, and were suddenly struck with a way of rendering better.**

** and no doubt could still find same for every track on the album, over and over and never finalised, but now it's released with all failings intact and with closure for us we endeavour not to listen to it again. as we say, all is future.

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