not me / he knows the use of ashes

two new tracks, not me and he knows the use of ashes.


both feature voice, both clock in at less than three minutes, and one (not me) even features some percussion! fear not, a return to our conventional ten minute plus moody meanderings will be here ere long.


not me was created today, 14th november 2010. he knows the use of ashes is a little older. we did the first draft of that on the laptop in the red lion pub in avebury, wiltshire, on 15th october 2010 (at that point it was called the side effects of october; we've reassigned that title to another - as yet incomplete - track), revisited it on 30th october 2010 (looking back, we did a lot of music that weekend; desert star 1, tesseract, lie to me, another track called be with me that we've still not finished, and this one, along with finalising gehenna now), and finished it off yesterday, 13th november. all the tracks named in this post are destined for our third album, which will be called everything we ever were and will be out early next year.

update, 15th february 2013: he knows the use of ashes was later completely re-worked (in autumn 2012) as a darren francis spoken word solo track. though the voice track and some of the ambient samples remain from the logos original, the music is totally different and bears no relation whatsoever to the logos version. you can hear it here:

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