lie to me

another new track (we've said that phrase so often, we need to think up some more creative ways of expressing it...), created on 3rd november 2010 from elements of another (unfinished and discarded) track we were tinkering with on 29th october, and finalised this evening.


edit, 26th november 2010: we have since re-shaped and re-titled this track to [ # ] for our shamania album. when we first created lie to me we were also starting to sketch tracks for shamania, have now realised that we slotted this particular piece into the wrong album by mistake and that stylistically it fits much better there than it does on everything we ever were. the more we shape everything we ever were, the less it suits. the more we shape shamania, the better a home it has there.


edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album. it remains unreleased.

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