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a new track, [ / ] (yes, that is what it's called...)* was created on the day and evening of 7th november 2010. what does it portend? who's to tell?


we do admit that this is rather an odd track (as are most of the tracks we've done this last month or so). we're not even sure if it qualifies as 'music', whatever that means. in creating it, we wanted it to sound as if the listener's brain was bleeding (though not in a painful way; more like cranial surgery with a local anaesthetic). that's certainly how it sounded to us, late into the night, listening to this track loud on headphones, and certainly how our (collective and third mind) brain feels of late, and late into the night.


you're welcome, by the way.


it may or may not make its way onto our myspace player shortly; since it's nearly half an hour long we'll wait until we don't want to do anything else.** more likely, we'll upload an edit or excerpt.


is there really any need for this track to be quite that long, you may be wondering... we think there is, don't think it would work as well if it were shorter. and - in what is a first after having produced 38 logos tracks in the last six months - this one has percussion! the revelations never cease.... ***


edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album. it remains unreleased.


* how is that pronounced, you might be wondering? we like to pronounce it "hmmmmm....."

** uploading tracks to myspace is painfully slow and cripples one's net conection, even if the files aren't that big (most of our tracks - at 320kbps mp3 and averaging ten or eleven minutes - work out at about 25 to 30 mb, which we don't consider big at all) - this last week, we've uploaded lots of new tracks, generally begin the upload then leave it and play fallout new vegas instead, returning once the upload is complete.

*** albeit it's not a conventional percussion track, though it's not - as one person commented - "seemingly designed just to annoy the listener..."****

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