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the darren francis spoken word album future ghosts, featuring music entirely by logos, is now available to download on a 'free or pay what you want' basis here. the album includes elements of both existing and unreleased logos tracks.

we've added a section to this site all about the album here.

you can also find out a great deal more about it on darren francis' website here.

our remix album everything under the sky is finally available. go here to stream or download, on a 'free or pay what you want' basis.



the album features radically different mixes of tracks from our previous four albums, together with versions of two tracks we've not released before. herewith the track listing:


01. everybody gets elves [principia disruptia mix] (8.39)

02. hollow hills of london [fisted generation mix] (4.12)

03. santa susana blues [prototype version] (6.12)

04. shamania [solstice prologue mix] (7.28)

05. crepuscular [version] (2.47)

06. bipolar binary [disruptia mix] (7.59)

07. do you love? [minimal mix] (0.26)

08. gehenna now [2014 mix] (6.01)

09. manunkind [slither] (2.24)

10. ascension [3am centre of everywhere mix] (18.08)


everybody gete elves, hollow hills of london, shamania, bipolar binary, ascension, remixed by jason oliver


santa susana blues, crepuscular, do you love?, gehenna now, manunkind, remixed by darren francis.


original versions of everybody gets elves, hollow hills of london, gehenna now, appear on our album gehenna now.


original versions of do you love?, ascension, appear on our album ascending a line in the sky to sothis.


originals of shamania, bipolar binary, appear on our album shamania.


original of santa susana blues appears on our album santa susana blues.


originals of crepuscular, manunkind, previously unreleased.

our album santa susana blues is now available to download via itunes - link here (and other traditional digital retailers - we won't provide all the links here as there are far too many and they come and go, but that's what search boxes are for). our other albums fill follow.


we'd prefer if you downloaded our albums via bandcamp - here - indeed all the other download links on our site take you to those pages. better for you since you can download in whichever format you choose, opt for lossless files if you wish, and they come cheaper. better for us, too, since we make a much greater cut of any payment. that said, we know some people prefer to use the likes of itunes so the option is there. 


we'll let you know as and when our other albums go the same route, and plan to make cd versions available too for those that favour a more tactile format. 


full experience is the first release by net label this is not records. released on 6 january 2015, it features the logos track everybody gets elves, together with tracks by the psychedelic raiders, atom made earth, the finer points of sadism. dogma: nausea, instagron, ebbflo, kreamy 'lectric santa, and mark irrlicht.


the album is free to download here.


find out more about it here.

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