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as we mentioned in our previous blog, we've now finished mixing the fourth logos album santa susana blues. the present release date is set for 9th august 2014. 


the track listing is as follows:


01. aomething witchy (3.17)

02. come to now (2.45)

03. hungry knife (4.31)

04. where rivers ran upside down (4.44)

05. coyotenoia (4.22)

06. 23 years in the tombs you made (6.42)

07. santa susana blues (12.47)

08. the devil's business (1.53)

09. infinite soul (12.00)

10. the last door (3.43)


additional details will follow in our next update.

regular readers of our blog will know that we've been putting together an album of very different mixes of logos tracks, titled everything under the sky, and that we've also been working on the mix of our fourth album proper, santa susana blues


the release of everything under the sky has been temporarily held up while we wait for a mix to come in. in the meantime, santa susana blues is almost finished and we'll be letting you hear it shortly. for this reason, we've decided to put back the release of everything under the sky until after santa susana blues. in the process of finalising santa susana blues, we've completely rebuilt some of the tracks, and want to include some of the earlier and radically different mixes on everything under the sky. what this means is that, although you'll have to wait a bit longer for it, you'll be getting a more complete - in that it spans four albums rather than three - version of everything under the sky, with more tracks but released on the same 'free or pay what you want' basis. which is better for you, and better for us.


we'll post a further blog anon, with full details of santa susana blues, its final track listing, and release date. 

herewith the cover art for everything under the sky, by jason oliver



nearly done now - full track listing and release date in our next update.


we've been busy of late compiling and mixing our new album everything under the sky, which as some of you will know is a collection of radically different remixes of logos tracks - some from our previous three albums, some rare or unheard. here's how the track listing stands at present, but please note this isn't final - we'll be adding more, once we've decided which and work is finished on them:-


01. crepuscular [version]

02. hollow hills of london [fisted generation mix]

03. everybody gets elves [principia disruptia mix]

04. shamania [solstice prologue mix]

05. do you love? [two three mix]

06. bipolar binary [disruptia mix]

07. manunkind [slither]

08. ascension [3am centre of everywhere mix]


which yield a running time of just under 52 minutes. we'll let you have a revised and complete listing anon, once we've got the rest of the tracks in.

we mentioned in our last update that three logos albums will be coming out in coming months. the first of these, titled everything under the sky, will be an album of remixes, some of them drastically different from the originals. it will include tracks from all three logos albums so far, and also feature a version of an unheard track we've not put out in any form before. we've nearly finalised the track listing and will announce this shortly, together with cover art and release date. 


we're a little disappointed that we didn't release a new album in 2013; to make up for it, we have three albums planned for release shortly. 


the first (though we won't necessarily put them out in this order) is our fourth album proper, santa susanna blues. we've completed all tracks on this album but have yet to finalise the mix. the second, as yet untitled, will be a collection of tracks from the last four years that didn't find their way onto any of our albums; the third will be a collection of remixes, many of them radically different to the originals. we're still putting together the track listings for these latter two albums and will let you have further details anon.

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