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new track. we did the first version of this back on 12th september 2010, and have re-crafted it tonight.


what is 'the porpoise principle' exactly, you may be wondering? wait and see once we stick the track online (as we said in our last post, once the album is done with we'll re-work all our online playlists). it amused us, anyway.


track artwork by debb rooken-smith.


edit, 24th november 2010: we have now scrapped this track since most elements of it have been recycled for anhedoniac. the porpoise principle was originally intended for our album ascending a line in the sky for sothis - and would have slotted between to please the moon and sun king. no matter; in anhedoniac it now has a home, albeit a rather different one and in rather different form to that originally intended*. we do still have the original, however, and may bung it out at some point in future for your entertainment.


edit, 14th may 2011: in our finalising the ascending a line in the sky to sothis album mix, we put this track back in. we'd originally omitted it because including it made the album too long (we use the maximum 80 minutes guideline for the length of an album, i.e. how much would fit on a single cd) but since the final mix of the track sothis rising ended up much shorter than the preliminary version - less than a minute and a half compared to the eight and a half original - we could slot the porpoise principle back in where it belongs. the fact that the new porpoise principle mix bore very little relation to the original, and ran to 23 seconds as opposed to the original's 6-odd minutes, no doubt helped matters too.

* Though of course, it got dropped from the final track list of shamania....