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we've just finished a new track, named sun king. we started this one last night - 17th june 2010 - and have worked on it further tonight, 18th june 2010. we'll upload a version and/or edit of it in due course. we say "version and/or edit" because the complete piece runs to 22 minutes 06 seconds.


if it seems that we are obsessive in recording the minutae of every track, of when it was recorded and when re-worked, know that we do so primarily for our benefit; so that we have an archive. we don't doubt that a few years from now looking back on the process will be interesting (for us at least) and as any true muso knows - and we are that if nothing else - being able to chart the exact moment a piece of music you love was bought into this world, its progress from first notion to final render and the mad chain that took it there, is fulfilling. as place to be, and as history, and as place to be therein.


track artwork by debb rooken-smith.