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another new track, which slipped out of its own accord in amongst our reworking of tracks for our debut album. sidereal is another 'drone'-style piece, in a similar vein to anodyne. first draft 18th august 2010, revision 4th september 2010.


every sound used in this track is taken from other logos tracks. maybe when we finally release the album sidereal appears on we'll run a competition; first person to guess the source of those sounds wins something special. what exactly? we're not sure yet. something good, though...


track artwork by debb rooken-smith.


update # 1, 25th october 2012: the version of this track on shamania was re-worked quite substantially; this original mix was just over 20 minutes long, with subtle and numerous differences throughout.

update #2, 14th february 2013: there are actually four different versions of this track, though only two have been released. there's the original august 2010 mix, the very long mix we did when working on shamania which clocks in at about 24 minutes, the final shamania version which is a condensed mix of the latter, and the version on the coil tribute album sacredly silver and equally gold, which is an edit of the shamania version.

update #3, 14th february 2013: back in august 2010 when we first created this track, we were toying with the idea of putting out an album composed of four 20ish minute drone tracks, which would have been anodyne, mutable, inkling, and sidereal. the project stalled because we weren't happy with the mixes of mutable and inkling (indeed both tracks were re-worked and re-titled later), but in a way we guess this idea eventually evolved into shamania.