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our first new track in what seems a while to us (although we see - looking back here - that it's been just over two weeks), hey jim was created on the evenings of 19th and 20th september 2010, with some final editing on 21st september 2010. we weren't intending on creating a new track, but the bones of the backing track to this piece arose by accident whilst re-working the track dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment] and provided a good opportunity for us to use a number of samples we've had ear-marked for a while.


we're very nearly done with the final mixing of our gehenna now album; as predicted in previous posts, the track listing has changed several times in the last few days and weeks. we'll post the final listing once we're done with it. we had hoped to be finished by autumn equinnox, but it's taken a little longer than we anticipated; hopefully in the next few days.